• Mission

    Our problems are many and on all levels of our lives both inside and outside of us. This is PEOPLE WORKING TOWARDS SOLUTIONS.
    Using open source two [and many] way communication and connections through an easy to navigate blog and web site. We all can search the problems and ultimately the solutions we all seek. And you are warmly invited to contribute any of your own thoughts, reactions, experiences and ideas in reaction to what you experience which also helps build the site further. There will be interactive ways to watch, listen, read and talk, send, add to and relate to all you find. The intention is [for all who would like to] to come together to create a place where problems can be clearly expressed from all sides. To transparently expose all the possible information about solutions for any issues or problems that anyone will come up with. It is international [hit the language button] we will accept ALL: conservative, liberal, progressive, tea party, occupation, neutral or any other view point. We need all this information, all points of view to make the most informed decisions. Knowing full well that there can be no 100% success in this life, the ultimate goal is to work to make as many positive steps, on as many fronts possible, to make things better.

    This is an attempt to bring us all together. We humans share so much more in common than we are different or what we disagree about. Hopefully this format, road map, clearing house and blog will help us concentrate on the common good by including all individual differences, opinions and ideas. That way each visitor can make up his own mind what he/she would like to do to help, vote on or do to make this world a better place.